We live in a time of rapid change.

I tell stories about what brought us to this present moment, and where we might go in the future.

I’m currently Editor at The Long Now Foundation, a San Francisco non-profit fostering long-term thinking and responsibility through diverse projects aiming to inspire, educate, and challenge our concepts of the future. I also do freelance writing, creative consulting, and video editing.

I was previously Head of Video at Timeline, a history magazine that connected the dots between the trending news of today and stories of the past. At Timeline, I managed an editorial team as we became the most successful history brand in the social video space, with videos garnering tens of millions of views. Prior to Timeline, I was part of the founding team of GoPop, an app for visual conversation that was acquired by BuzzFeed; and Zeega, a multimedia platform for inventing new forms of multimedia storytelling. I was a 2012-13 Fellow at metaLAB (at) Harvard, an idea foundry, knowledge-design lab, and production studio experimenting in the networked arts and humanities.

At Zeega, I pioneered two forms of social storytelling using the Zeega platform that anticipated the next generation of interactive, multimedia communication. 

make short-form social videos and write long-form historical narratives. 

My visual storytelling work simplifies historical narratives for mass appeal while using a distinct audiovisual style inspired and enabled by the web's remix culture. 

I have launched storytelling and media platforms, apps, video teams, and video series.

I'm currently Editor at The Long Now Foundation, a nonprofit fostering long-term thinking whose projects include a 10,000 Year Clock.