Multimedia Storyteller
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I’m Editor at The Long Now Foundation, a non-profit fostering long-term thinking and responsibility through diverse projects aiming to inspire, educate, and challenge our concepts of the future. At Long Now, I manage our editorial projects and write features about the history of science and technology. I also write freelance features about psychedelics, technology, and mental health. Occasionally, I do freelance social videos for brands, non-profits and individuals.

Prior to Long Now, I helped launch Timeline, a media company putting today’s news in historical context that was selected as Apple’s News App of the Year. As Head of Video at Timeline, I managed an editorial team that became the most successful history brand in the social video space, with over 100 million views in our first year.

I began my career in interactive storytelling at Zeega, where I helped create tools that empowered anyone to tell multimedia stories online without knowing how to code. Our efforts laid the groundwork for today’s world of media-rich storytelling, and many of the formats we innovated live on on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Our iOS app GoPop was featured twice by Apple as a Best App, and was acquired by BuzzFeed in 2015.

My work has been noted in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Guardian, and Vice, and has been exhibited at The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I was a 2012-13 Fellow at metaLAB (at) Harvard, an idea foundry, knowledge-design lab, and production studio experimenting in the networked arts and humanities. I’m an alum of the Matter Ventures media accelerator program. I hold a B.A. in history from Reed College. I’m based in Barcelona.